The Ethos of the Transition Shop

Better do it yourself than buy it off the shelf.

We follow the universal rule that says “If a man is hungry, it is better to teach him how to fish, than to give him one“.

Each product in our shop has instructions of how to do it yourself.

All products are free, you only pay our times and the material costs

Each product is a gift that we have received from the Keshe Foundation and that we would like to share with you. The price of the product represents the time and material we have invested to do it for you; because you cannot or do not want to make it yourself. The same line of thinking applies to the workshops: the knowlege is free, we only ask of you to pay our time, the space and the material to prepare and hold the workshop.

Since we started, we give away 10% of our gross revenues as a toke of our gratitude to the Keshe Foundation and Kiva.

Collaboration moves the Plasma Science forward

The Plasma Science is young and it’s technology is still in the phase of experimentation. In this context, we do not want to limit our role as shop keepers and craftsmen to simply produce things for the market: we would like to include you into the process of fabrication in the sense, that we ask you to share with us your experiences with the Plasma tools.

You know that in the Plasma World, the Intention plays the primordial role – it is responsible for 90% of the efficiency of the plasma products (this applies obviously to the production as well as to the utilisation). If you share your observations with us, we will publish them in our newsletter and/or we change the way we make them. In this way our collaboration will accelerate greately the advancement of the Plasma Science and technology.

Our Terms and Conditions are specified in this Private contract between Human Beings

This contract states the terms and conditions pertaing the exchanges between the free collaboratives “Pont de Vie“/”Plasma-Laurentides” and the users/clients; both parties are considered living souls and not legal persons. This contract explicitly excludes any intervention of a third pary or any legal recourse.

In a spirit of co-creation, that our life is, we bring forward the responsibility that each of us carries: we from Plasma Laurentides take the responsibility to supply products, services and informations that are correct to the best of our understanding. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we commit ourselves to either repair or replace the item within 3 weeks of reception of the faulty good. Transportation costs are assumed by the one who sends the item.

On the part of the users/clients, we ask you that you take the entire responsability for the use and misuse of any product, service or information supplied by Plasma-Laurentides.

De la part des utilisateurs/client, nous demandons que chacun-e prenne l’entière responsabilité pour l’usage qu’ils feront des produits, services et informations donnés par Plasma-Laurentides.


  1. Products that contain Liquid Plasma cannot be shared between people, because the LP assimilates the information of your body and emotions.
  2. Products that contain LP cannot be returned.
  3. Plasma interacts with you and this can change its consistency and appearance with necessarily loosing it’s efficiency.
  4. For the workshops: we ask you to reserve your space by paying the fee for the workshop; in the event of cancellation we refund 70% of the inscription paid.

By entering and using this website, you consent to the terms and conditions of this Private Contract.

The Contract makes the law.