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The Health-Antenna is a plasma tool that removes pain and treats a lot of body conditions.


Following this link you’ll find the instructions how to make your own HealthAntenna,



Following this link you’ll find the instruction of how to make a HealthAntenna

The Healthantenna is a self-healing tool developed by the Keshe Foundation. We have taken the inspiration to produce them here in Quebec, Canada.

The Healthantenna is used to diminish pain and heal local diseases. It functions by Plasma (the “state of matter” before its materialization; it is form and energy at the same time). The Plasma is an intelligent energy that is invisible and acts on your physical body with the help of the Antenna: it takes away what your body doesn’t need anymore and gives what it needs. In this way the Plasma re-establishes a healthy environment where sickness and disability cannot exist.

We are offering a standard model and a specific model, tailored to your special needs (a variety of special GaNSes are applies within the Antenna). For example we can tweak the Antenna with the GaNS of Chaga to help curing cancer or the GaNS of Iboga to help with addictions, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

The Healthantennas do not loose their efficiency over time; however, they can visually change as they absorb in some cases the negative energy taken out of your system (colored film or sports on the antenna). Healthantennas do not have side effects when used according to the manual.

The different versions of Health Antennas

We make two sorts of HealthAntennas: one which uses Liquid Plasma (HealthAntenna-LP) and GaNS; and the one which containes coils of nano-coated copper (HealthAntenna-Cu). The HealthAntenna-LP can only be used by one person, because it contains water which will take on the memory of the person having used it (physical and emotional). Whereas the HealthAntenna-Cu) can be shared or applied by many people (patients of a therapist or the whole family).


  1. HealthAntenna-LP simple: contains LP+GaNS-ZnO+CO2
  2. HealthAntenna-LP spedific: contains LP+GaNSes that suit your special conditions
  3. HealthAntenna-LP personal: contains LP+GaNS custom made with your urine probe (see below how to mail it).
  4. HealthAntenna-Cu simple: contains 3 nano-coated copper coils and dry GaNS
  5. EmergencyAntenna-Cu: É Bigger version with vortex coil, double gravitational coil and double intertwined center pin.
  6. Pouch for your Antenna so you can hang it around your neck.

Here is how to mail your urine probe:

Pont de Vie, 1671 Chemin du Lac René, Prévost, Qc, J0R 1T0, Canada

What is a Healthantenna?

A Healthantenna consists of two coils and a center pin within a test tube; all the components are nano-coated. The nano-coating makes the copper super conductor so it can become a transmitter of Plasma. Plasma is at the same time “energy” and “form”; the Plasma contains the “orgininal memory” of our physical, emotional and conscious body. The health antenna’s plasma will reach up to 3cm under the skin.

pen energy flowBy applying the Healthantenna we reconnect the body to this original memory thus re-establishing a balanced state: the plasma does two things at the same time – taking away what is too much and giving what is missing. The schematic to the left shows how the antenna captures plasmatic energy fields to transmit them in form of a vortex to the body parts that we are treating. The body will only take what he needs in this region; if this part is already balanced – it will take nothing.

Please do not touch the nano-material with your skin – it may be too strong!



What the antenna does:

  • Reduces muscular pain, tendinitis, compression syndrome, acute and chronic back pain, sprains and strains, carpal channel, arthritis

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Helps rebuild cells and tissues

  • Relieves from chronic fatigue

  • Helps keep the spinal column in a good position

  • Hyper- and hypo-tension

  • Fibromyalgia

How to use the Health-antenna

First and foremost : Follow you intuition!

Follow your feelings and take the time to get used to the Health-antenna. The Plasma does not work the same way with everybody; it will adapt itself to you specifically.

Here some tricks :

  • Point the antenna to the region you want to treat (pain, inflammation, infection etc) and let it ”move by itself”.
  • Use the antenna on yourself – do you feel any effect? Then give it to someone else whom you trust and let that person treat you – do you feel a difference? By doing this you can learn if the antenna works better if you apply it on you or if you get faster healing being treated by somebody else.
  • Before you start a treatment ask the patient to tell you the history of his disease and his willingness to be healed.
  • To vary the treatment, you can dip the tip of the Health-antenna into various healing substances (etherical oils, plant tinctures, vitamins, etc.) to add their healing capabilities.
  • Before you start treatment, visualize your good intentions, then use the Health-antenna as long as the person treated feels good. You can stop your treatment when the person feel a tickeling sensation or numbness in the area you treat.

energy flow sides gender

Energy moves differently in men and women : energy enters women through their right side and leaves them through the left side; it is the opposite in men.

When treating acupuncture points, you may begin with the receptive side and finish with the giving side. The time for treatment varies generally between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. Here are some guidelines :

  • Toothaches – 3 minutes
  • Headaches – 5 minutes
  • Backaches – 10 minutes
  • Musclepain – 10 minutes
  • Jointpain – 10 minutes
  • Irritated skin – 3 minutes
  • Leg and ancle pain – 5 minutes

The Health-antenna may be too strong for the head because the brain is a very sensitive organ. If this is the case, you can treat areas of the head by using acupuncture points. You can download maps on the internet.

healthpen glassYou can use the Health-antenna also to revitalize and alcalinize drinking water. Put the antenna for 15 minutes minimum into a glass of water – do only use cold water as the test tube will deform in higher temperatures. The Health-antenna cannot be submeged either the plug needs to remain out of the liquid.

Leave the Health Antenna in the sun for a while after having used it for treatment.

Water that once has been acitvated by Plasma becomes a Plasma emitter herself.and will also broadcast magrav-fields.

Other applications

When the Health-antenna is held in the hands or close to the body (with the Antennapocket for example), then it will work in a harmonizing way on the body as a whole – it will give what’s missing and take away what’s too much.

To treat high blood pressure, hold the Health-antenna in the left hand, while the tip is immerged in a little container filled with salt water. The saltwater acts like a drain and will take out the surplus of energy that causes the high pressure. If you need to raise the drain effect further, add a piece of silver to the saltwater. Or you may hold another antenna in the right hand. As the left antenna will act like a drain, the right one will act like a (stronger) emitter; so they create a plasmic flow which will go though the body and balance it.

Precautions :

  • Do not open the Antenna so the nano-coating does not come into contact with the skin.
  • Do not touch an open wound with the Antenna; use a protective gauze (steril).
  • It is not recommended to use the Antenna on the chest if the patient carries a pacemaker.

The efficiency of the Health-antenna

pen coil ice test

You can test the efficiency of your Health-antenna in a simple way : position the antenna over a container full of water so it’s tip just touches the surface of the water. Then put the whole into a freezer. As soon as the water is frozen, you will be able to see the lines of the force fields – they will be whitish opaque while the rest of the ice will be transparent. Use double distilled water for this set-up.

The lines in the water show the gravitational lines moving towards the antenna and the magnetical lines moving away from it. The water container acts like a body in this experiment, so we can see how far and deep the field lines penetrate into our body (we consists of 65 to 75% water).

We also will see that all the lines together are very homogenous, from which we can conclude that the nature of the magrav fields are homogenous as well – creating harmony, balancing the body.